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There is something about the past that is so addictive, it could be familiarity that breeds comfort or replaying scenes over and over again to find answers , yet most of the exhaustive process leads to the mind being entangled in a web of confusion and echoes of should have, could have.

We all have our own habits, whether good or bad . Mine is stocking up every little piece of paper or notebook that i have scribbled something in. On the rare occasions when i do decide to clear my bookcases to make space, i find myself , looking for an excuse for keeping every piece of paper and notebook, then end up restocking them again, even adding more to the piles with the hope that these will come handy at some point.

Emotional baggage..

I am trying so hard not to fall into that temptation of dwelling on the past, but then i get the inner voice arguing that , if you don’t go back to look for answers how can you move forward.. Deep down i know it’s my mind just giving me excuses to pile negative emotions again.

To find peace with myself for my own wellbeing i’ am slowly coming to terms with the fact that although messy, scary, painful, and unsettling, with change comes growth. I am getting rid of the papers no matter how precious they might have seemed at some point, i am letting go, the same applies to memories, places and people that no longer contribute to my growth and well- being.

 Despite all the pain, fears, regrets and mistakes,   i now choose to focus  instead on what these experiences have taught me. Below are  some  of the important lessons which are helping me to pick myself, hope they save you too.

  1. Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get.Ray Bradbury

 Inner peace is achieved  when you remove yourself from things that  longer contribute to your growth and happiness. Stop chasing pavements and begging for attention from everyone everywhere. Don’t be afraid to close doors that do not lead to your goals.

2   It ain’t about how hard you are hit. It is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That is how winning is done!Rocky Bulboa

So what, it didn’t work out, you put in work, did your best, dont give up.  If  you want it so bad you have to keep your head up, no matter how much you feel defeated,  if you can look up, you can get up.

3. Choose all weather company,  people who not only celebrate you but inspire and motivate  you.

Be they virtual or physical, be sure to be with people who do not  dampen your spirits. Misery loves company, be with positive people who uplift you, shut does for people who belittle you, or make you feel  hopeless and worthless, you don’t need that type of energy.

4. The two most important days in our lives , the day you are born and the day you find out why. Mark Twain.

  Find your purpose , follow your passion  you have nothing to regret but regret.

5. The biggest mistake is not making a mistake, because you will never learn. Miles Tanhira

Life is a big game, no one has the secret, live, make mistakes, learn and keep playing don’t be so hard on yourself. Negative self-talk and worry will not contribute to your wellbeing and success.