I am an African, i am a trans person. Iam an (Afric-Trans).I am a transgender person, gender non conforming, naming my self is a political and revolutionary act.

I am a Rozvi from Zimbabwe. I am a friend, a lover, a parent, a child, sibling and a cadre in many struggles.I’m a journalist a feminist, an activist and a pacifist.

My name is Miles Rutendo Tanhira.My middle name Rutendo in my language Shona means FAITH, explains why  Im such a spiritual being.

On this blog i explore, interrogate, and embark on a life tour , a journey to myself. Having spent most of my teenage years in the BG ( Before Google) era, i didn’t get the privilege to read stories, watch videos or read books about people like me.Life was not so bad but it wasn’t so good either. So the purpose of my blog is to at least light a candle, share my story with others with the hope that it will change someone’s life..


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